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How to have an amazing life with less trash, toxins, stuff


topic: intro to topics/blog; what the blog is about and approach to topics


Have you begun your journey to an improved quality life with less trash, toxins, stuff?

Maybe you are beginning that journey.

Maybe you are curious about all this and want more information.


Wherever you are, our intention is to provide information about toxins/trash/stuff, add to your journey, and serve as a resource.

There are a couple of ways to go about making these improvements:

You can jump right in and start making changes, one step at a time, or

You can set up a foundation to build on.

Either way is useful, depending on your process and / or needs. That said, if you are up for it, taking the time to set up the foundation will be more effective to moving toward an amazing life. That is what this post is about—setting up the foundation. If it is better for you to start with more direct actions, browse the blog—and go for it!


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Our blog begins with a four-post introduction to our topics. Then look for weekly posts on Tuesdays, with each month having a post

, with possible

The rest of the/this [first] month will have weekly posts on each topic, followed by a product review to support your journey.

Thereafter, each month will have weekly posts: The first three weeks focusing on each topic, with the fourth week for another product review.


To have an amazing life with less trash, toxins, stuff, (a person needs/one needs/we need) to do the following:

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1 – Choose a mindset that fits caring about less trash, toxins, stuff.

2 – Choose habits that coincide with the/your necessary mindset.

3 – Maintain self-awareness so you can make conscious choices for a quality life.

4 – Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. That is the place where you grow and expand your quality of life.

5 – Be curious. Keep learning and growing.

6 – Periodically assess, and adjust, your mindset and habits as needed.

7 – Continue / repeat from item 3.


The process is simple, but not easy. Changing habits takes effort—and time. …and so worth it!


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“On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact.”

James Clear, “Atomic Habits”



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We all choose to navigate for ourselves [intent], or to follow someone else’s direction and path.

To choose for yourself takes more effort, but the reward of living the life you want is experienced.


Getting Uncomfortable (Change for the Better/Reach New Heights/levels w/ change)

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This blog will focus on the issues of trash, toxins, stuff, with this post being the foundation that allows you to build a quality life.


Wait! What do you mean by a quality life?

Because it is different for everyone, each person needs to approach each topic from the perspective of their own needs.

This information and these tools re provided so you can make use of what makes sense for you and let the other things go—like everything else, they should not suck up your time.

Because everyone is in a slightly different place in their journey, they/you have to use what fits your needs and let the rest go.



Problem: There is too much trash in our lives, in the world. We pay for it and it takes away from our quality of life.

Solution: See the trash. Think differently. Change habits and make life better.



Problem: Western society, as a whole, has developed a system infused with toxins. We are starting to learn how pervasive they are, how integrated, but it is difficult to understand all the toxins and sources, and find other options.

Solution: Identify known toxins. Offer solutions.



Problem: In Western culture, we have learned to consume more and more. It is tied to the entrepreneurial spirit, perceived prosperity, and the success of changes in marketing. Yet more stuff does not make us happy and we have to first see how we are buried in clutter and are influence with the need to own more.

Solution: Understand ourselves. Be self-aware, and use that knowledge to choose consciously how much stuff to have to be fulfilled, instead of burying ourselves alive.


What do you want out of life?

Life is a journey.


Along the journey, we welcome your feedback to help us improve the blog and fit your needs.


Leave comments below, or with the posts.

Thank you for joining us,


[best wishes] for your journey.

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